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added: 3/16/2006
Site providing directories for all environmental issues, such as animals, plants, organisations, toxic waste and more

The Environmental Investigation Agency

added: 3/16/2006
21 year old organisation dedicated to exposing crime against animals, forests and the environment in general. Information available on campaigns, training and environmental news.

Echo Fund

added: 3/16/2006
Organisation dedicated to the preservation of the environment for future generations, with a special emphasis on oceanic, forest and endangered species issues.

Earth Wave Society

added: 3/16/2006
Non profit organisation dedicated to educating people on the preservation of land and sea ecosystems

The Earth Preservation Fund

added: 3/16/2006
Non profit organisation engaged in environmental and cultrual preservation worldwide. Current projects in Nepal, Peru and Tanzania

Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce - archives

added: 3/16/2006
The online edition of DJC offering archived environmental articles

Defender - The Bio Diversity Center

added: 3/16/2006
Creating awareness and understanding about environmental issues such as bio diversity, endangered species and earth ethics

National Landscape Conservation System

added: 3/16/2006
Working to protect North and South America's conservation trails, areas and monuments. Information on the same available in English and Spanish

California Wildlife Foundation

added: 3/16/2006
Protecting California's wildlife. Complete information provided on services and current projects

A Rocha

added: 3/16/2006
Christian organisation engaging in conservation efforts, including through educational programmes

Asian Wildlife Consultancy Co Ltd

added: 3/16/2006
Offering consultancy services in national park development, as well as extensive information on animal care and breeding and educational programs

Ironwood Express

added: 3/16/2006
Provides web design and hosting services


added: 3/16/2006
Working to protect the hardwood forests of America's heartland.

Green Force

added: 3/16/2006
A non-profit international research NGO, which aims environmental and economic sustainability.ize in wildlife conservation expeditions.

Global Conservation

added: 3/16/2006
A concept addressing the need to raise funds for well-managed, local level conservation projects.


added: 3/16/2006
An organisation to protecting US national and heritage Forests.

National Wildlife Federation

added: 3/16/2006
An organisation inspiring Americans to protect wildlife through various programs and activities.

The Student Conservation Association

added: 3/27/2006
SCA is a nationwide conservation force of college and high school volunteers who protect and restore America’s parks, forests, and other public lands. For nearly 50 years, SCA’s active, hands-on approach to conservation has helped to develop a new generation of conservation leaders, inspire lifelong stewardship, and save our planet.

Friends of Bass Valley Bush

added: 3/29/2007
A community group established to protect remnant native vegetation in Australia's Bass Valley

Alliance for Zero Extinction

added: 3/14/2006
A group of global organizations for biodiversity conservation and preventing extinction by protecting habitats of endangered species.

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