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Water Quality

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Water Pollution

added: 3/14/2006
Information available on water pollution - introduction, cause, pollution measurement and waste water treatment. Links and photos also offered.

SEWING - System for European Water monitorING

added: 3/14/2006
Provides latest technology for water monitoring. Info available on product, research partners, project, conference and results.

Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

added: 3/14/2006
Free encyclopedia offering information on water pollution like introduction, sources, contaminants, transport & chemical reactions of water pollutants. Links and bibliography also available.


added: 3/14/2006
Provides information on water pollution, sewerage, water supply, pollution and environmentalism etc.

Natural Resources Defense Council

added: 3/14/2006
Offers news, info & issues about clean water & oceans, water pollution, oceans and conservation & restoration.

California Department of Health Services

added: 3/14/2006
Perchlorate in drinking water info like concern, regulatory status, contamination, location and treatment technologies.

The Green Lane Environment Canada

added: 3/14/2006
Water pollution information provided like introduction, pollutants, effects and control. Related links also available.

Water Pollution And Society

added: 3/14/2006
Information provided on water pollution like introduction, causes, additional forms, classification, ground water, legislation and quality.

Association of State and Interstate Water Pollution Control Administrators (ASIWPCA)

added: 3/14/2006
Provides information on association, task forces and membership. Updates on water related congressional budget activities, federal policy and guidance.

Ground-Water Remediation Technologies Analysis Center (GWRTAC)

added: 3/14/2006
Dedicated to compile, analyze and disseminate information on ground-water remediation technologies.


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Water Quality : Environmental Web Directory